Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Music: Regina Spektor

Yeah. I'm a day late again. I have to do a post tonight and another one tomorrow, so you can guess which one is getting the short end of the proverbial stick.

My wife and I are wide awake at 12:30, and came across a new YouTube music discovery system like Pandora except with videos. One of our all-time favorite artists is Regina Spektor, so we tried looking her up. I haven't seen at least half of the videos there!

For the unindoctrinated, she's a Russian-born New Yorker that's been described as a jazzy "anti-folk" singer and pianist. Her melodies and lyrics are a uniquely eclectic mix of whimsy, quirk, macabre, and elegance. I have no idea how she pulls off those incredibly expressive vocals.

For the curious among the audience (shout-out to my brother and his family, my very first subscribers!), here are some of my picks from her collection.

There are lots more, but it's probably bed time. Another post (hopefully) tomorrow!

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