Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Self-pick raspberries

I decided to make it a separate post so that I don't cross-contaminate words that would make it more difficult to find.

We went there a week and a half ago, and spent an entire afternoon scooting on our bums down the seemingly endless rows of raspberries. At only $2/lb., they were a MAJOR score! It's just a family's front yard with a table for the scale to weigh your haul and a coffee can where you put in how much you owe. Knowing the area, it's more likely that it was a wheat can than a coffee can, but I digress....

By the end of the day we had figured out the raspberry picking technique. First, find a nice row that looks like it hasn't been picked over recently. Shouldn't be too hard this time of year since most people stop picking when school starts up again-- even though they're usually open until October! Next, sit down. Yes, your pants will get muddy and covered in raspberries. If that's a problem, you picked the wrong picking pants! Finally, lift the bottom canes that have been sitting quietly in the shade, undisturbed by children and birds. You'll find huge berries that fall right off into your hand. Instead of picking one at a time from the top of the bush, you'll have several berries at once that nearly drop into your hands.

The most decadent thing in the world is grabbing a giant hand full of freshly picked strawberries, then shoving the lot of them in your mouth. YUM!

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